Do you really get good abs from sex — or the other way around?

Do you really get good abs from sex — or the other way around?

The health advantages of working away in the sack may surprise your

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Can breaking a sweat within the room provide you with a six-pack? Are you able to miss the gymnasium in the event the exploits that are amorous adventurous enough? Sexploration answers your most intimate questions. Got a concern? Email us . We are going to publish responses to pick concerns.

Q: Is intercourse great workout? exactly just How numerous calories does it burn off? And what type of position in intercourse could possibly get me personally to have abs that are nice?

A: You’ve got this the incorrect means around, my pal. You don’t get good abs from making love, you obtain intercourse from having abs that are nice. At minimum that’s what females let me know and so they do not be lying or else I’ve wasted yesteryear eight years doing crunches on that damn giant ball that is inflatable at my fitness center. (often i do believe it might be easier simply ukrainian brides for marriage to purchase a Ferrari and change my title to Paolo.) I’m nevertheless four cans short, however if it works if I ever get a six-pack, I’ll let you know. Leia mais