These “wise nature” feared defeat at difficult tasks, because they undermine their high self-esteem.

And young people not having their own disastrous experience such a message reject – notes psychologist Margaret Osowiecka. – And this is a continuing over-protectiveness. Recent studies show that already 43 percent. Poles live with their parents, and in many cases, the reason there are no financial problems. So feel safer, they prefer to remain under the parent umbrella. When they were little, my parents said do not run, because the capsize and break the knee, wore to school for their heavy satchels, and now they say: do not work, you still have time, we will help you. Such self-limiting in the adult drama, because he can not take responsibility for themselves and others. Resigns to face the challenges in the name of duration in the field of comfort – warns Professor.

Joanna Moczydłowska. You are seen to be a Bell Jar, under which we hide our children, not exposing them to the hardships of life and the risk of failure, causes that lose critical skills of perception of reality. In the US, according to a survey conducted by Columbia University as much as 85 percent. parents believe that you have to convince the children that are intelligent, and praise them at every step. Meanwhile – as argued by psychologist Carol Dweck – a mistake tutorials. For 10 years, he examined student achievement more than a dozen schools in New York. With her experiments and analyzes show that children who after the successful termination of the test were praised for their wisdom and ability, quickly Leia mais