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And, weighing very, very heavily on this discussion is YouTube Music, whose music streaming service is likely to arrive by Christmas. That has the potential to make another serious problem for Spotify, and, based on one source, could possibly be motivating accelerated expansion plans into ‘the ROW,corporate-speak for ‘rest on the planet.’

Others are also joining in, including domestic violence groups. That includes the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which has issued an argument against Disney’s casting of Brown. Those protests will likely intensify ahead of the airing, with Disney increasingly pressurized to nix the role.

Universal is performing exactly the same on the original Moody Blues. Not one cent of royalties for 48 years. Even tho to remain questioned over this (the main 5 did NOT sign their rights away) Universal claims they don t must tell this rock band members anything. It s not about music, it s not about the artist s rights it s all about greed and corruption.

Highlighting the Canadian music business organization’s effort to be sure fair payments to its members, SOCAN acquired Quebec-based SODRAC. This, this company writes, brings mechanical and reproductions rights and royalties to members. In a combined licensing venture with Re:Sound, SOCAN also created Entandem, bringing ‘benefitsto rightsholders, businesses, and governments. Finally, the business added Dataclef, its new one-stop back office services division.

Veoh was buried way back when, but its DMCA-riddled ghost is currently haunting Universal Music Group and the broader music, film, and content industries. In a reaffirming ruling just issued by Silverstein tour the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, an earlier, District Court decision heavily favoring Veoh was upheld and supported. The Ninth Circuit concurred that Veoh was playing from the bounds of DMCA protections, despite rather obvious familiarity with infringing activity. The decision may have huge implications for DMCA-related cases ahead, including UMG’s ongoing war with Grooveshark (when they can, unlike Veoh, survive the task).